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About the Partnership

At LaLiga Academies UAE we want to take part in the development of our athletes, helping them to optimize their opportunities for success in life through football & education. This is why we have officially partnered with AGM Education and Mooxye the digital Scholarship Search Platform. AGM Education is the biggest athletic recruiting and consulting company in Europe, with 15 years experience helping international athletes in finding universities and scholarships in the US. Together we can provide educational opportunities, through football, to all players who are part of the LaLiga Academy Family.

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About AGM Education

AGM Education is the exclusive partner of LaLiga and all 42 professional teams under their umbrella, representing and facilitating their young players who are interested in pursuing and continuing their education while playing football at the highest level universities can offer around the world. AGM Education is an end-to-end solution for players looking to pursue their academic and athletic endeavours in the United States. Through their comprehensive recruiting and consulting platform, and their state of the art Digital Mooxye Scholarship Recruitment and Education platform, they have had success with over 1,800 student-athletes and continuously help more every year.

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What is MOOXYE

Mooxye is a platform that educates and guides students from all over the world on their path to an international university education in the US and UK through an action plan that details what they have to do in order to access university and get scholarships by themselves.

Through notifications of scholarships offered by universities, a search engine of universities, quality information and content, explanatory videos, tutorials and other tools, students are able to make the most out of their talent and prepare everything they need to access universities in the USA and UK, as well as to increase their chances of getting academic, athletic and international scholarships.

The Mooxye profile allows the students to share their academic and extracurricular achievements, gaining visibility towards universities and American College Coaches that use Mooxye's services to recruit international students.

All this will help students, interested in studying in the US and UK, to find scholarships.

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MOOXYE Partnership Promotion

Subscription Value: AED 500 per year Now Free

If you are 15 years or older and registered with LaLiga Academy you can qualify to receive free yearly access to AGM’s online scholarship recruitment platform, MOOXYE.

If you are interested in receiving a Premium MOOXYE Profile by the end of the month please fill the form below.

Key Information About US Scholarship System

Universities in the USA with soccer teams that offer scholarships

In the United States, there are more than 1,600 universities with soccer programs that offer scholarships to student-athletes. In the following table, you can see how many universities provide scholarships and the number of awards offered per team, according to the organization to which they belong.

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