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LaLiga Academy provides a solid pathway to professional football for its most talented and dedicated players.

Scouted LaLiga Academy top talents are selected to join, by invitation only, the professional development team of the LaLiga High Performance Centre, an exclusive development center with state of the art facilities. The LaLiga HPC is run by LaLiga coaches, delivering year-long intensive training and development programs which have created the world’s best players at LaLiga Clubs.

With a revolving squad of 25 players in three age categories (U18, U16 and U14), the LaLiga HPC is developing the future stars of football with players already selected for trials and contracts.


The LaLiga HPC program is one of the most rigorous in the world, delivering LaLiga-standard athletes with the highest levels of physical, mental and emotional fitness. It is focused on high sports performance, drills to increase endurance, improve reaction speed, prevention and rehabilitation from sport injury, strength and conditioning, recovery, fitness, and boosting athleticism.

An important part of the LaLiga HPC program is to provide players with the opportunity to hone their skills on the field through taking part in the UAE’s official FA Academy League, a highly competitive professional tournament, where they will face the strongest youth club teams in the country.


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video highlights

Five LaLiga HPC Players Invited for Professional Trials at LaLiga Clubs

U18 Age Group
Name: Mohammed Bouherrafa
Position: Midfield
Nationality: French
Scouted for trials at UD Alméria

U18 Age Group
Name: Yahia Iraqi
Position: Left Wing
Nationality: Morocco
Scouted for trials at Malaga CF

U16 Age Group
Name: Mehdi El Khamlichi
Position: Striker
Nationality: Morocco
Scouted for trials at Malaga CF

U18 Age Group
Name: Mohammed Rajeh
Position: Striker
Nationality: Jordanian
Scouted for trials at Cadiz FC

U18 Age Group
Name: Ahmed Salam
Position: Right Wing
Nationality: Jordanian
Scouted for trials at Malaga CF


Every summer, top performing LaLiga HPC talent are hand-picked to join the prestigious LaLiga Summer Scouting Camp. This annual trip to Spain represents a unique opportunity for the LaLiga HPC talents to be discovered by scouts from LaLiga clubs which may lead to invitations for trials and contract awards.

The 21-day LaLiga Scouting camp features high-level training and competitive matches against top LaLiga Youth clubs, attended by LaLiga scouts on the lookout for talent to be recruited into their clubs, starting with an invitation for a trial.

In its second year of operation, the LaLiga Scouting Camp has already produced a professional player who underwent a successful trial last year with 5 players landed one to two weeks trials by LaLiga clubs this summer.

Meet the our scouted five!

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how to become a part of laliga summer camp - the route to hpc & getting scouted by LaLiga

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