Goal Keeper

The Goalkeeper is the most important position on the field, crucial to any team's success. Today the role of the goalkeeper has evolved and become a much more dynamic position. It is a position that requires special attention and highly specialized training. Goalkeepers are not only required to be fearless shot stoppers, but to have the kicking precision of any outfield players, and the ability to make decisions in an instant, the confidence to brush off a striker’s approach, an unshakable focus, and the leadership to effectively communicate direction.

Our methodology is to lay a strong foundation of basic fundamentals; developing all the technical aspects of goalkeeping is our first and primary focus. While mastering the techniques of set shape, basic handling, footwork, distribution, angle play, diving, and crosses, goalkeepers will face realistic and match-like situations where they are encouraged to make decisions. Our goalkeepers will be taken out of their comfort zones and placed in a challenging training environment where they will leave more confident and prepared for game day.

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